External Clinics
The external clinics include vision tests being convened by students at Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital, St. Aidan's Hospital, Phoenix Assessment and Therapy Centre, Nkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital, the Valley Trust Eye-Clinic, and the Phelophepa Health Care Train. Vision screening tests are done occasionally on campus as well as various community centres and pre-schools. Clinics attended on a roational basis. Students also make themselves available to help with Bureau tours, community screening at fairs and the Red Cross Flying Doctors Service. Also, the final year students present a research project towards the end of the year.

The Phelophepa Health Care Train

Students spend an average of two weeks per year on the Phelophepa Health Care Train, again conducting eye-tests.
The Phelophepa Health Care Train is a unique train that provides a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective health care service which focuses on the needy sections of the population whilst supporting, empowering, developing and educating students and communities.

It is an experience that adds value to the lives of many people that students serve and meet on the South African railway track. The staff and students on the train aspire to deliver an affordable, accessible, Mobile Health Care service that supplements or supports existing facilities in the rural communities of South Africa.

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